Bubble On Tire

What is This Bubble on My Tire?

Bubble on tire? If there is a bubble bulging from your tire’s sidewall, this means you have a sidewall bubble. There will be an externally visible bulge on the sidewall. This means that you can see a clear deformation protruding outward from your tire. The size of the bubble can vary depending on the severity of the impact your tire receives.

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This particular form of sidewall tire damage occurs when the interior of the tire is broken and the air escapes into the outer layer of the tire. In other words, if left untreated, the result could have devastating consequences. Keep you and your passengers safe, this sidewall bubble could blow out your tire at any time.

A sidewall bubble is different than tire cupping learn the difference here.

Mechanic Mike Says:

“Depending on the kinds of roads you drive on your tires could be more at a higher risk. The make and brand of your tire has a major impact on the durability and terrain they can handle. Be sure to have the best tires for your vehicle and the terrain you are wishing to explore.”

What Causes a Bubble on My Tire?

Sidewall tire damage or sidewall bubbles are a result of many things. However, a sidewall bubble happens when the interior of the tire is broken and then air escapes into the outer layer of the tire. This creates what is known as a sidewall bubble or impact bubble.

Pro Tip: Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to sidewall bubble prevention. 

Sometimes a sidewall bubble could just mean you bought a bad tire or defective tire. A sidewall bubble is also known as an impact bubble and rightly so. The nickname is given to these bubbles because of how the bubble forms. The bubble can be from the impact of your tire on something hard.

Here is a list of some examples of what causes sidewall bubbles/impact bubbles:

  • Pot hole
  • Road debris
  • Curb
  • Bad tire (tire defects)
  • Speed bumps/humps
  • Railroads
  • Rocky roads

Basically, anything you would try to swerve around, while driving, could possibly give you a tire bubble. If you run over any of these, please drive with caution. When driving over any of these obstacles drive over them slowly to prevent an impact bubble.

If you have a sidewall bubble, you are in need of new tire(s). Do not wait a second longer, drive safe and stay alive.

Tire Sidewall Damage When to Replace

Any time there is sidewall damage on your tire, you should inspect your tire immediately. The sidewall of a tire is the thinnest part of the tire that connects to the tire bead. A tire bead is what seals the tire to your wheel (rim), so it is very important that your sidewall remains in good condition.

Examples of sidewall damage include, sidewall bubble, nail in tire close to sidewall, small chunk of tire sidewall missing, tire sidewall cracking, tire bead damage. Any time you have any of these sidewall conditions you should be in the market for buying new tires. 

How Dangerous is a Bubble in a Tire’s Sidewall?

You should not ignore a bubble in your sidewall it’s very unsafe. A sidewall bubble could lead to a potential tire explosion or popped tire.

If you have one of these you need to buy a tire immediately before you have a potential tire blowout, tire explosion, popped tire or whatever you call it, the point is you have a bad tire.

Driving with a sidewall bubble or any sidewall damage is risky, you could be one pot hole away from having a tire blowout. If you have a tire blowout while you are driving fast, this could lead to a serious car wreck such as, car flipped over, car collision, lose control, or car pile up. Not trying to scare anyone, but tires give your car traction and help your car have the ability to stop.

Lastly, having bad tires can be harmful to you and the people around you. New tires are a must, for your safety, if you have sidewall damage. Do not overlook your tires, be sure to always inspect your tires, especially after long trips, driving over bumpy roads, or hitting something in the road. We need to be safe, smart drivers in order to keep the roads safe. 

Can You Fix a Sidewall Tire Bulge/Bubble?

Can you fix a sidewall tire bulge/bubble?

Here’s the cold hard truth when it comes to sidewall tire bulge or bubbles, once you have an impact bubble there is no getting rid of it. As a result, having this bubble makes your tire(s) very dangerous. One bump or nudge on your tire could cause this bubble to explode, leaving you on the side of the road putting your spare tire on.

However, the good news is, you can buy a tire online without having to risk going store to store to find the best deal. You can get the best tires right here.

To sum up, your tire is damaged on the inside of your tire. This damage is allowing air to escape to the outside part of your tire, making a sidewall bubble. You must replace your tire because it is no longer safe to drive on.

Symptoms of Bubble on Tire

When it comes to symptoms of sidewall bubbles or impact bubbles you should look for bubble(s) on your tire. You should always inspect your tires for damage after you hit something.

By doing so, you could prevent yourself from being stuck on the side of the road having to put your spare tire on. In the worst case scenario you prevent a tire blowout/tire failure.

Your tires are key to your safety, and they are the shoes of your car. If you have a sidewall bubble you need a new tire immediately. I would NOT even risk the drive to shop for tires. You could be one good bump away from a tire blowout. I would either install your spare tire or order a tire online to prevent travel time on your bad tire.

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