How to Do an Oil Change on a 2013 Ford F250 6.2 Super Duty

2013 Ford F250 6.2 Super Duty

Learning how to do an oil change on a 2013 Ford F250 6.2 Super Duty is quick and easy. Follow the steps below and get all of the thing you need to do this Ford oil change shipped to your door!


You don’t need to be a mechanic to learn how to change your oil. All it takes is being able to identify certain parts of the car and acquiring the right equipment to do the job. 

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2013 Ford F250 6.2 Super Duty Oil Change


In the video above we will show you how to do an oil change correctly, safely, and affordably!

How to do an Oil Change (Step by Step)

Time Required: 30 minutes.

Follow these steps to learn how to do an oil change on a 2013 Ford F250 6.2 Super Duty in 30 minutes or less.

  1. Lift the Vehicle

    Before you start be sure to park the vehicle on level surface and engage the parking brake. Turn off you vehicle, and if necessary, raise front of vehicle. (How to PROPERLY lift a vehicle)

  2. Open It Up

    Once you have safely and securely raised you vehicle and the engine is off, it is time to open up the hood. Locate your oil cap and dip stick on the front passenger side under the hood of the truck and remove them. (This will help the oil drain faster)

  3. Locate the Drain Plug and Oil Filter

    Put on safety glasses and grab the Necessary Tools to Perform an Oil Change on a 2013 Ford F250 6.2 Super Duty . Crawl under the vehicle and locate the engine’s oil filter. This will be located at the middle front end of the truck in-between the front wheels under the vehicle. (See owner’s manual for reference.)

  4. Remove the Old Oil Filter

    Position an approved oil catch pan under the oil filter. Be sure the use a catch pan that is able to hold the amount of bad oil that will be removed from the truck. (Seven (7) quarts of SAE 5W-20 for a 2013 Ford F250 6.2 Super Duty) Twist the filter to the left and let it drain out before completely removing it. This will prevent you from getting as dirt or burned if the engine were to be running for a while before you started this oil change.

  5. Unplug It, Let it Drain

    Using a socket twist the drain plug to the left and remove. You are going to want to break this bolt loos with a your socket, then completely remove it with your hand. Get this bolt almost all the way off. Then have a firm grasp, and then pull away quickly. This will prevent you from losing the bolt in you r catch pan. Allow the engine to drain for five minutes or until the flow of oil has slowed to a trickle.

  6. Drain Plug Back On, New Filter On

    Replace the drain plug and new O-ring on your oil pan. (Reusing the old drain plug O-ring could lead to leaks depending on the quality and condition of the old O-ring.) You are going to want to make this bolt snug the give it a quarter turn more. You do not want to over tighten this bolt. Before installing your new oil filter, be sure to verify that the old oil-filter gasket—a thin rubber O-ring—wasn’t left behind. This is particularly important; if the old gasket is not removed, the new filter won’t seal properly. You are only going to hand tighten the new oil filter.

  7. Fill It Back Up with Oil

    Under the hood of the vehicle where you removed the oil cap from you are going to pour seven (7) quarts of SAE 5W-20 for a 2013 Ford F250 6.2 Super Duty into the engine using a funnel. Replace the cap.

  8. Check the Oil Level, Check for Leaks

    Let the truck run for a minute and then turn it off. Pull the dipstick from its tube, wipe away all oil with a paper towel, reinsert the dipstick, remove the dipstick again, and confirm that the oil is lined up with the full marking on the tip of the dipstick.

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