Ford Transit Oil Change

Ford Transit

For a Ford Transit oil change you are probably asking yourself: How much oil does my car need? How much does an oil change cost? What is a Ford Transit 3.7L oil change interval? These questions mean you are probably experiencing a check engine oil light or know you are due for an oil change.

Above all, this simple guide will show you how to properly change the motor oil and filter on any Ford Transit listed below.

Applies to These Ford Transits
  • 150 V6 3.7L (2015-2019)
  • 250 V6 3.7L (2015-2019)
  • 350 V6 3.7L (2015-2019)
  • 350HD V6 3.7L (2015-2019)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

*Listed above are the possible years and engine sizes of Ford Transit’s that could apply to the following instructions.*

Required Tools and Supplies

The tools and supplies needed to perform a Ford Transit oil change are listed in the link below. Similarly, using these tools will save you time and money!

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So, now that you have the necessary supplies to tackle this Ford transit oil change, it’s time to replace your oil/filter yourself. There is no need to pay a car mechanic. Save your money, watch the video, and let’s get the job done right!

How to Change Oil Ford Transit 3.7


In order to properly preform an oil change on a Ford Transit with a 3.7 liter engine, you need to necessary tools and equipment.

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In addition, we will walk with you step by step in this video in order to help change your oil. It’s our duty to make sure your engine oil is clean by the end of this video.

Oil Type, Filter, and Amount Needed

Please note, some Ford Transit motors can taken 6 quarts of 5W-30 or 5W-20 but use the same oil filter. Be sure to check your oil cap or owners manual to see which oil your transit takes.

Oil Type:5W-20
Oil Amount:6 Quarts
Oil Filter:FL-500S

Also, be sure that your Ford Transit is a 150, 250, 350, or 350HD and not a Ford Transit Connect. A Ford Transit connect requires a different kind of oil filter and has a lower oil capacity.

Oil Change Guide:

Ford Transit Oil Change
Ford Transit Oil Change
About: $50
About: 30 Minutes
Necessary Items:

Get the Tools and Parts Needed for the Oil Change.
Step 1: The parts you will need for a 3.7L Ford Transit are listed below. Please note, some Ford transit motors can taken 6 quarts of 5w-30 or 5w-20 but use the same oil filter. Be sure to check your oil cap or owners manure to see which oil your transit takes. Also, be sure that your Ford transit is a 150/250/350/350HD and not a Ford Transit Connect. A Ford Transit connect requires a different kind of oil filter and have a lower oil capacity.

Lift your Ford Transit.
Step 2: Find the lift points on your Transit and lift your vehicle. Be sure to check your owners manual if you are unsure about your lift points. Place your jack under one of the lift points and lift your vehicle. Then lower your vehicle down on to the jack stand. Repeat this process for the other side of your vehicle. However, you can use vehicle ramps which may be faster and easier. If you use vehicle ramps be sure to still use jack stands under your vehicle for added safety.

Locate Your Oil Filter and Remove It.
Oil filter location Ford Transit
Step 3: First, lay your oil spill mat down then place your oil catch pan on top of the oil spill mat. Be sure the oil catch pan and oil spill mat are placed under the oil filter. The oil filter is located behind your front bumper on the driver side of the Ford Transit. Use your oil filter pliers to remove the filter. Grip the oil filter firmly with the oil filter pliers and twist to the left. Now, twist the oil filter to the left with your hand until oil starts to flow over the top of the filter. Remove the oil filter all the way once the oil is done leaking over the top. Once the oil filter has been removed oil will leak from the oil filter housing. Allow the oil to leak until it either stops or it’s a light drizzle. Be sure the gasket from your old oil filter isn’t stuck to the oil filter housing. Then grab your Motor Craft Fl-500S oil filter and rub oil on the gasket. The gasket is located on the bottom of the oil filter. Then twist the new oil filter back onto the motor. However, tighten as much as you can with your hand. Don’t use any tools to tighten your oil filter. Be sure to clean your oil filter with a rag.

Locate Your Oil Drain Plug.
Drain plug location Ford Transit
Step 4: Your drain plug is located on the passenger side of your Ford transit. It’s underneath your vehicle parallel to your passenger tire in between a crossmember and exhaust pipe.

Oil Spill Mat Placement.
Step 5: Place your oil spill Mat under the drain plug with your oil catch pan on top.

Remove the Drain Plug.
GearWrench ratchet on drain plug
Step 6: Grab your 3/8” GearWrench ratchet with a 15 mm attached to it. Place the socket on the drain plug and pull/turn the ratchet counter clockwise to loosen the drain plug. You may have to hit the back of the ratchet with the palm of your hand. This will break the drain plug loose with ease.

Let the Oil Drain.
Oil draining out of Ford Transit
Step 7: Twist the drain plug out with your fingers once broken loose with your ratchet. Allow the oil to drain out into your catch pan. Once the oil is just barely dripping out the drain plug hole. Put the drain plug back in.

Tighten the Drain Plug.
Step 8: Hand tighten the drain plug clockwise. Then grab your 3/8” GearWrench ratchet and snug up the drain plug. It doesn’t take much force to tighten a drain plug. A quarter turn passed snug should be more than tight.

Remove the Jack Stands.
Step 9: Jack your car up and remove the jack stands. After that, lower your Ford Transit slowly. If you are using vehicle ramps, back your transit of the ramps.

Add Oil.
Oil cap location ford transit oil change
Step 10: Fill up your engine with 6 quarts of 5W-20 or 5W-30 motor oil. Be sure to use a funnel to prevent spillage.

Check Oil Level.
Check oil level on dip stick
Step 11: Start your vehicle and let it run for 10 seconds. Pull your dip stick out and make sure there is oil in between the recommended oil level marks on the dip stick.

Oil Change Light Ford Transit

In this paragraph, we will explain the oil change light or oil service indicator on your Ford Transit.

Some Ford Transits are equipped with maintenance computers that let you know when the oil life is depleted, or when the specified maintenance interval has passed. This notification can come on more often depending on environment or driving conditions such as towing, or long periods of stop and go traffic.

In other words, this light often means it is time to change your oil.

How Often Do You Need To Change Your Oil?

How often you change your oil depends on the type of oil you use. However, it is recommend that you replace your engine oil every 5,000 miles. This will keep your engine healthy for years to come.

Engine oil is vital to your engine. Similarly, oil is designed to protect the internal moving parts of an engine by providing lubrication to reduce friction and metal on metal contact. In addition, over time the oil loses its critical properties. So, preforming an oil change regularly is vital to maintaining your vehicle’s engine.

In conclusion, while it may be intimidating to work on your Ford Transit, changing the oil and oil filter is an easy task tackle. This is a great entry-level maintenance procedure that you can perform yourself and save yourself money on year after year.