How to Fix TPMS Sensor

TPMS Sensor Ban Service Tire Monitor System

Learn How to Fix TPMS Sensor

You can fix a tire sensor fault. Learn how to fix TPMS sensor below! All you have to do is get a TPMS scan tool to figure out which sensor(s) is bad. Then let all the air out of your tire(s) with a valve core remover tool. However, see below for a more detailed explanation.

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TPMS Relearn Tool

TPMS Relearn Tool
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Tire pressure monitor sensor activation tool is simple and fast. It activates the individual TPMS sensor with the press of one button. It can easily be done within 1-2 minutes, saving you $20-$80. Much better and faster way to fix your sensors than going to the dealer.

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Use the right tools, the first time!


Step by Step Guide

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Learn how to fix TPMS sensor (replacement process)

  1. Break the Top Bead

    A valve core is located inside your valve stem. Break the top bead of your tire then pull the old sensor out. Program your new sensor with your TPMS scan tool before you install the new sensor.

  2. Pull Out Old Sensor

    Remove the old sensor. If located on the opposite side of the valve stem, the sensor is mounted on a band that’s wrapped around the rim.

  3. Program New Sensor

    Program your new sensor with your TPMS scan tool before you install the new sensor.

  4. Install New Sensor

    Once the new sensor is in, go ahead and inflate your tire enough for the tire bead to seat. Then put the valve core back in your valve stem before all the air leaks out. Next, adjust your pressure to the tire sticker inside your driver door. Then get your tire scan tool out and retrain all your tire sensors.

PLEASE NOTE: Most TPMS Sensors can be reached by breaking the top tire bead. However, some wheels make you take the tire off. These exceptions include: custom wheels, some reverse mount wheels, or band sensors.

*Also, it is a good idea to change valve stems when getting new tires if the valve stems are also the tire pressure sensors*

TPMS Sensor Ban Service Tire Monitor System
TPMS Band Sensor

Common Question(s) About Replacing TPMS Sensor

What if replacing the sensors doesn’t work?

If replacing your TPMS sensors does not fix the problem then you most likely have a bad TPMS module. A TPMS module going bad is really rare when compared to how often TPMS sensors go bad. However, if you just had your tires replaced and they put new sensors in make sure you programed your sensors to your car with your TPMS scanner.

Can I replace just one TPMS sensor?

In short, you can just replace one TPMS Sensor. However, just make sure to retrain the new sensor with a TPMS Relearn Tool.