How to Inflate Car Tires

Tire air pressure chart label

Learn How To Inflate Car Tires

If you are trying to learn how to inflate car tires step by step, look no further. Here at God’s Wrench, we provide you with the knowledge and tools you need for the job.

Car tires should always be properly inflated to ensure the best ride quality, tire wear, and safety. However, when inflating your tires if one is significantly lower, then it’s time to look for a tire leak.

Don’t let a slow leak in your life slow you down!

In addition, it’s always good practice to measure tire tread depth while inflating your tires. After that, check the tire DOT to ensure all tires are still safe.

Best Portable Car Tire Inflator
Best Portable Car Tire Inflator

Setting desired air pressure is simple with the digital gauge, and the auto shutoff provides accurate inflation. Additionally, the high volume hose allows fast inflation of tires and other inflatables with the push of a button.

Step By Step Guide for Tire Inflation

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to inflate car tires step by step.

  1. Grab the tools you need

    You will need a few tools to ensure your tires are safe. For example, you will need a portable tire inflator, tread depth gauge, and a set of eyeballs.

  2. Inspect your tires

    Before you inflate your tires look for any dry rot or damages. After that, measure your tread depth and check your tire DOT. However, if your tires fail the inspection process you will need new tires.

  3. Figure out what PSI you need to inflate your tires to

    Open up your driver door and look around the door frame for a yellow, white, and red sticker. This sticker will tell you how much PSI your car calls for. In addition, check out our tire pressure chart based on temperature.

    Tire air pressure chart label

  4. Inflate your tires

    Grab your portable tire infiltrator and inflate your tires to the correct tire pressure. Then, take off your valve stem caps and attach the air nozzle to the valve stem. However, your portable tire infiltrator will put the air in for you, your lungs won’t be needed.


  5. Reset your TPMS light

    If your car has a TPMS light on you may need to retrain your tire sensors with a TPMS scan tool. However, most cars just need to be driven in order to reset the TPMS light.

Common Question(s) About Inflating Car Tires

How do you know how much air to put in your tires?

Look at your car’s owners manual or door jam to find the correct tire pressure.

How often should I inflate my tires?

As needed via temperature or inflation imperfections. Learn all about tire pressure and when exactly to inflate them via our tire air pressure page.