How to Remove Valve Core

how to remove valve core valve-core-removal

The Quick and Easy Fix

Why waste your time doing something the long way? So, if you are looking for how to remove valve core the easiest way you have found it.

Without a valve core remover tool, this process can take several minutes. However, it takes only a few seconds if you remove the valve core entirely with the tool below.

*Follow our step by step guide below to get the valve core removed quick and easy*

WARNING: Removing the valve core causes a blast of air. Consequently, this blast can easily blow dirt or contaminants into your eyes. Always wear eye protection when removing the valve core. In addition, keep your face clear of the immediate vicinity of the valve.

Valve Core Remover
Valve Core Remover

Compatible for all vehicle valves as well as air conditioning units. In addition, this is a super affordable must have for your tire emergencies.

How to Remove Valve Core Step By Step

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Learn how to remove valve core from your tire stem with a valve core remover tool.

  1. Find the Leak

    Above all, determine if you have a leaking valve core or a slow leak in your tire from road debris.

  2. Remove the Valve Cap

    On the valve stem of a tire there is what’s known as a valve cap. Remove the cap by twisting it to the left. (This protects your tire from getting debris inside the tire.)


  3. Insert the Valve Core Remover Tool

    Slide the valve core remover into the valve stem aligning the grooves. Once aligned, rotate the tool to the left until valve core is released. (To clarify, this process will deflate your tire, so turn slowly.)how to remove valve core valve-core-removal

  4. Install and Check for Leaks

    Install new valve core. After that, inflate tire and spray with soapy water. As a result, this process will ensure strong seal. In addition, if bubbles are see, a solid seal was not made.

Common Question(s) About Valve Core Removal

Can you fix a valve stem leak?

Yes you can fix this leak. All you need is a valve core remover tool and new valve cores. The one above is UNDER $2! Don’t wait until your tire starts wearing. To clarify, fixing this leak now you will save a lot of money.

What is a valve core tool?

In short, it’s a small, handy tool designed to remove, tighten, loosen, and install Schrader and some Presta valve cores.