How to Remove a Stripped Lug Nut

Let’s Go Nuts

Learning how to remove a stripped lug nut is easy when you have a Dilly-Bo Alltheway and a few uga dugas. Read below to learn how to remove a stripped lug nut the easy way and to hear the tale of the lug nut that won’t come off.

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The Story of the Lug Nut that Wouldn’t Come Off

Once upon time on a hot summers day, way down yonder in the county, Mechanic Mike was in for it. There was a lug nut stuck on a 2006 fart rocket, and there was only one thing he can do.

Mike and that lug nut had a staredown. He gave that lug nut the ol 2020 stare and it almost jumped off the rim in fear. However, the lug nut wouldn’t budge.

Mike figured he needed someone with a meaner stare to get that thing loose. So, he called on ol Dilly-Bo Alltheway.

Never be afraid to ask for help.

Dilly-Bo walked over to Mike with his electric impact gun in one hand and a fudge round in the other. With a lip full of dip Dilly-Bo gave that lug nut the stare down of a life time. With one snarl that came from the belly, the lug nut fell clean off the wheel.

After that, he began to gloat about how in the 80’s he was the fasted race car lug nut remover pit crew member they’d ever seen. He would gas the car up, change the tires, and paint a bald eagle on the front grill all within two seconds.

After all the gloating Mechanic Mike could handle, he took off the rest of the lugs nuts with Dilly-Bo’s electric impact gun.

In conclusion, Mechanic Mike defeated the lug nut he just needed some help.

However, while he was doing that the boss came and told him how slow he was at work, and this didn’t quite sit right with ol Mechanic Mike. So, stay tune for the brawl of a life time between Mechanic Mike and the unreasonable boss.

How to Remove a Stripped Lug Nut Step by Step

Time needed: 1 minute.

  1. Give that lug nut 100 uga dugas.

    Simply grab your electric impact gun, pull the tiger until the lug nut comes off.

  2. Yell BALD EAGLE!

    Simply yell bald eagle.

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