Valve Core Remover

4-Way Valve Tool with 4 Valve Cores Front

Best Valve Core Remover UNDER $2

Do you want to find the best valve core remover? You’ve found it here at God’s Wrench. In addition, to being the best set for valve core care, it includes 4 replacement valve cores.

This valve core remover kit is compatible for all vehicle valves. For example: cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, bikes, etc.

Introducing Slime’s 4-in-1 valve core remover tool. In addition to being easy to use, it has multiple uses. This tool can be used to remove the valve core, re-tap threads, and ream the inside of the valve (also works on A.C. unit valves). So, why not be ready for any emergency?

WARNING: Removing the valve core causes a blast of air. Consequently, this blast can easily blow dirt or contaminants into your eyes. Always wear eye protection when removing the valve core. In addition, keep your face clear of the immediate vicinity of the valve.

Valve Core Remover
Valve Core Remover

Compatible for all vehicle valves as well as air conditioning units. In addition, this is a super affordable must have for your tire emergencies.

Fix It Before It’s Too Late

Every long trip driver should have this in their roadside emergency car kit. These 4 tiny valve cores are what prevent the air from coming out of your tire.

Overtime, valve cores get loose from exposer to heat, dirt, grime, and cold air. Most importantly, the constant rotation of tires loosens your valve cores.

Furthermore, waiting to fix a valve core is just asking for trouble. This slow leak in your tire will cause premature wear, reduced fuel economy, and could leave you stranded with a flat tire.

Prevention is cheaper than a cure.

If this situation does leave you stranded, be prepared. Learn how to put on a spare tire.

Valve Core Remover Product Description:

Above all, this high-quality, durable, heavy duty and portable valve core remover kit is suitable for people who value quality and excellent functionality in use at cheap price.

Colors: Silver

Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible for all vehicle valves as well as air conditioning units
  • Assists in the removal of valve cores
  • Consists of four valves cores to replace the ones that are removed while working
  • Reams inside the valve
  • Re-taps threads inside and outside


  • Item Weight: 0.64 ounces

Package Includes:

  • 1- valve core tool
  • 4- valve cores